“Academic Excellence With a Love of Torah”

Hebrew Studies

Halpern Akiva Academy offers an immersive “Ivrit b’Ivrit” Hebrew language program. Students are expected to be fluent in Hebrew reading, writing, and speaking when they graduate Halpern Akiva Academy. 

Judaic Studies

Judaics is taught by qualified teachers who lead by example – demonstrating a true love of Torah. Students become familiar with the services in any Jewish synagogue or life cycle event, and develop critical thinking through text study and in-class discussion. Most importantly, students are imbued with a passion for whatever Jewish observances their family celebrates at home.

General Studies

Alberta Education courses are taught by experienced and qualified teachers with a passion for the subjects. The teachers create learning environments which meet the individual needs of each student. The on-site Faigel and Len Shaprio STEAM Lab supplements our in-class learning to encourage discovery through hands-on activities.