School Life

Being a Student in Halpern Akiva Academy

The Halpern Akiva Family

We truly believe in the idea of “Am Echad, Lev Echad” and consider our students, staff, parents and supporters our Halpern Akiva Family. When you enter the school, you immediately feel you are part of something special, with everyone looking out for one another. Our older students help our younger students both in- and out-of-class. Our staff support one another and look for ways to collaborate. Our supporters are always welcome to schedule a visit and see what exciting things we are learning. Our parents are encouraged to volunteer and our students are encouraged to go out into the community to do acts of kindness (Chesed). 

Field Trips

To supplement our classroom learning, we encourage our students to have experiential learning opportunities. Field trips are an important part of our learning. Our regularly scheduled field trips include: preschool goes to House of Jacob-Mikveh Israel to learn about the Torah, Ski School at Canada Olympic Park, junior high Outdoor Education snow-shoe hike, Track and Field Day at Glenmore Athletic Park.

Community Service

We believe that Tzedaka and Chesed needs to be modeled and experienced. Our students are encouraged to volunteer in our community. Examples include school choir performances at nursing homes, partnering with Calgary Jewish Federation on cell-a-thons and other fundraising initiatives, and charity campaigns throughout the school year.

After School Clubs & Programs

We are pleased to offer a variety of after-school learning opportunities, ranging from Robotics to Basketball, Judaic Art to Chidon HaTanach (International Bible Contest).

School Performances & Events

We welcome the entire community to join us for school performances throughout the year. Every year, we stage a school-wide Chanukah Concert, End of Year Celebration of Learning, and our school choir performs at the Chabad Lubavitch Menorah Lighting Ceremony at City Hall.

School Alumni

From Munchkin to Menchen

We are very proud of our Alumni who serve as leaders in their communities and families.
We have alumni who are doctors, lawyers, engineers, rabbis, bankers, and even alumni who work in Halpern Akiva!

“My Jewish education has increasingly become one of the things I cherish the most. I never was and still am not religious, but my Judaism is a core tenet of my being. I am so proud to be Jewish, to belong to the Jewish people and all of its history and traditions – thanks to my education at Halpern Akiva Academy. That history and those traditions aren’t mysteries to me. I understand my religion and culture and can participate in it freely and an in informed manner. I am so thankful for all of the Judaic education I got in my early years!!”

Hayden Rubensohn

“I went to an orthodox Yeshiva high school from grades 9 through 12, and upon graduating I joined the Beis Medrash program, where I’m enjoying my third year spending all day learning Torah. Though I can’t say for sure, the fact that I’m now learning at PTI probably has a significant amount to do with having identified as a Jew from an early age. I don’t think that identification would have been as strong nor as amicable without Halpern Akiva starting me off on the right foot”

Ezra Wolf

“My Jewish education at Halpern Akiva formed the basis of my strong Jewish beliefs, a love of Israel and my current lifestyle. It was an important and significant stepping stone to furthering my Jewish learning as a teenager and into adulthood. It was the education that I received from Halpern Akiva that encouraged me to pursue a very similar educational pathway for my own children”

​Talia Crystal

“Halpern Akiva taught me the values of kindness, acceptance and generosity that I strive to live by today”

Bram Cole

“Aside from achieving the educational milestones of learning Hebrew and Torah, from the start, Halpern Akiva Academy taught and practiced v’ahavta l’reacha kamocha. I would like to think that this simple principle has shaped many of the decisions I have made along the way and much of the person that I have become”

​Talia Crystal