2023 CommUnity Purim Project

The Purim Mitzvah of Mishloach Manot reminds us that being a Jew means being part of a community and celebrating our traditions together!

“Mishloach Manot”

Sending food gifts to friends and family—is one of the four Mitzvot performed on Purim.
It is a heartfelt way to emphasize the Jewish unity that lies at the core of the Purim holiday and to create meaningful connections within our own community at the same time.
Through this project, you can participate in the sending of a beautiful gift basket to your friends and family.

Give us your Mishloach Manot list and we will do the rest!

(Baskets are $7.50 per recipient)

Back by popular demand

Send to an unlimited number of recipients for $500

Here’s how it works

For just $7.50 per recipient, you can participate in the sending of a beautiful gift basket to anyone on our membership list. Every family on the list will receive one gift package, along with a Purim scroll that lists all the people who participated in their package. For example, if you are sent a Mishloach Manot package from more than one individual, you will still only receive one basket; all those people sending you the Mishloach Manot will be listed on the card.

This year you will be able to easily place your orders at www.HappyPurim.com.

By making a generous donation of $500.00 you may choose as many names as you wish.

What you need to do

In order to get started, all you need to do is click on the personalized email you received from [email protected] and follow the instructions. If you did not receive an email with account information, you may request one by email from [email protected]



Credit card payments can be processed through Happy Purim (your credit card bill will show Akiva Academy as the payee). If you wish to pay by cash or cheque, please contact the school office.

Should you have any questions or would like a paper order form, please call the Halpern Akiva office at (403) 258-1312 or email [email protected]

For technical support, please contact [email protected]