Tuition and Eligibility

“Every Jewish Child Deserves a Jewish Education”

Who We Serve

We serve the entire Calgary Jewish community, irrespective of level of religious observance. We will not deny any Jewish child a Jewish education. Bursaries are available through the Calgary Jewish Federation’s Integrated Bursary Program and the Prosser Charitable Foundation Parent’s Choice Bursary.


Toddler  $ 1,250
Pre-School  $ 4,700
Kindergarten – Grade 9  $ 10,000
Daycare 11:20 till 3:30PM  $ 4,780
Daycare 11:20 till 6:00PM  $ 6,180
Daycare 3:30 till 6:00PM and PD Days  $ 2,000

Enrollment Eligibility

Halpern Akiva Academy accepts students who are Jewish, or enrolled in an acceptable conversion program, as approved by the school’s Halachic authority.